Purpose Statement

Real Ally Productions was founded in 2020 - originally a partnership between The Ally Artists Group and real Ally Productions - two Indie production companies founded by persons of color. Both companies have produced theatre, live event and on-camera projects over the years respectively. 

In 2022 - Anna Bredikhina and Savvy Productions joined the Real Ally Production Collective. 


is a film company located in the East Coast that makes feature film, documentaries, short films, music videos and web series.  The company mostly  produces films based on true stories.

Please visit https://www.realreelproductions.com/ for more information.

Owner - Director - Executive Producer - Producer - Writer

SHAH has been working on short feature film, short films, documentaries and behind the scenes of feature films, such as,  New Year's Eve, Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna, for over a Decade. Shah decided to step into film making field when he was just 15 years old. Starting from his home videos; Shah is a perfectionist who derives his projects from passion, persistence and hard work.


Is a theatre and on-camera production company with an arts education program.  Founded in 2012, its purpose is to showcase diverse talents and stories that promote and encourage inclusive, out-of-the-box storytelling and social awareness.

Please visit https://www.allyartists.org/ for more information.

Joyce Lao - Creative Director/Executive Producer



Is an independent production house based out of New York City established in 2017, we at Savvy are artist from USA and India who have founded this production house to create authentic, bold and unique stories for our audiences. We are driven to work with writers and directors, whose vision and voice sits at the heart of filmmaking process. We are committed to working with new talent from all backgrounds and support female writers and filmmakers in our industry.

Saim Hyder - Executive Producer


Anna is a quadrilingual singer/producer/actress/dancer/translator/educator. Having received her well-rounded education and performed extensively in NYC, Anna is passionate about extending her expertise into the production side, with feature films that hold numerous awards, including a recent Cannes Shorts film festival award, and inclusion in the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is currently excited to be producing PM Theater’s Off-Broadway premiere of A Star Without A Name and Real Ally Productions’ feature film “Holes in the Outfield.”